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DSLR - the ultimate camera??

Like many people, my interest in photography has increased dramatically the past few years. For most people, the DSLR represents the pinnacle of photography. It's what the professionals use and few would argue that these cameras produce gorgeous pictures, capture more light than other camera types and allow more control for the "hobbyist." With prices now sub-$1000, the number of people with DSLRs has truly exploded.

I recently had a chance to use a DSLR extensively on a trip and was surprised by my experience. Having started with a cameraphone (that I take everywhere), a point and shoot, and a zoom camera, I assumed a DSLR would be the next logical step. Boy, was I wrong!

The camera that I was able to test was a Canon EOS-10D, one that my fiance obtained several years ago and was released in 2003. While slightly older, this $2000 MSRP camera is still highly rated and representative of the prosumer DSLR-class.

The Canon 10D was paired with an excellent ultra long zoo…