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San Jose Ramen Yokocho Fest 2014

The Ramen Yokocho Fest started in 2013 with the goal of becoming the largest Ramen festival in the United States.  They've quickly expanded in their two years and have often been met by jaw-dropping crowds at every venue they've booked, reflective of both how popular ramen has become, but also indicative of the quality of ramen shops that participate, including some of the top ramen shops from Japan and the United States.

2014 was their first stop to Northern California and their visit to San Francisco in July at the J-Pop Summit was met with estimated crowds of up to 100,000 visitors and many complaints of 3 hour long lines, shops running out of noodles, and more.

For their visit to San Jose, the organizers instituted several changes that they hoped would keep the crowds but lead to a happier experience for ramen lovers.  These changes included a flat $5 admission charge, a larger indoor/outdoor venue, and ramen express lines tickets (to skip long lines) and VIP admission t…