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Foodspotting & Me

As an avid food lover and shutterbug, I had long enjoyed taking photos of my food.  When I got my first camera-phone (a Sony Cybershot), the hobby took off even further.

So it seemed like wonderful happenstance when I stumbled upon the website,  Launched in January of 2010, Foodspotting is a visual food guide for the web that categorizes restaurants by photos of their most popular dishes.  Users can post photos via the website but also interface with their very popular iPhone, Android, and other apps.  It quickly became one of my all-time favorite websites.

But truth be told, I had some help along the way.  A good friend of mine had actually emailed me an invite to the beta launch of their site in 2009 and, given my love of food and photos, I was soon using it religiously.  It seemed like a website had been created for one of my favorite hobbies.

Being an avid and early user had some fantastic perks.  Foodspotting, based in nearby San Francisco, welcomed me with ope…