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The Ultimate Steak: Dry-Aging 21, 30, and 45 Day Steaks

After reading Serious Eats The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Dry-Aging Beef at Home (by J. Kenji Alt-Lopez), I felt confident enough in the safety and the ease to try dry-aging at home.

Over the years, I had grown to love that dry-aged steak flavor you find at all the top steakhouses.  I often purchased dry-aged steak from the grocery (most butchers, many online steak purveyors such as the famous Lobel's of New York, and even Whole Foods offer dry-aged meat) and had long contemplated attempting it at home, even following several popular Kickstarterprojects about devices that let you dry-age your own steaks at home.

The Food Lab's guide speaks briefly about such products (summary: they do work) but had an even more welcome message: it's VERY simple to do it at home and you don't necessarily need a fancy setup.

All you need is refrigerator space, a source of salt (to absorb moisture), a rack to place the beef that you would like to dry age, a fan (for ai…