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Thoughts on the iPod Touch...

Well, I've had my iPod Touch for about 72 hours and here are some quick thoughts, both pros and cons.

1) It's an amazing device. After only several days, I can say it's lived up to it's hype. All those who have an iPhone know the story, but it's great to see and play with the interface yourself.

2) The web browser - WOW. Almost every site I visit is viewable and the way in which you touch the screen to navigate is simple yet beautiful. Optimized sites such as Facebook and Gmail look even better.

3) Wireless iTunes - I bought my first item wirelessly. Easy, simple, and fast. So much better than plugging into the computer and having to sync.

4) Youtube - the integration is stellar and it's super addictive.

5) Coverflow - Playing music and scrolling with cover art is simplicity.

6) Photos - a true star app. The photos look amazing and being able to see them horizontally or vertically simply by tilting the screen is awesome.

Now for the cons,

1) The scr…