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Discovery: Alexander's Steakhouse, Wakuriya, and Sushi Yoshizumi

People often ask me why I write so many reviews and try so many restaurants. 
One reason is that I like variety.  Trying different cuisines is a fun way to keep things interesting and novel. A more important reason may be the idea of discovery. 
Akin to a child tasting ice cream for the first time or a young adult hearing their very first concert, the discovery of something new and special is always thrilling and exciting. What's perhaps as important is that these discoveries are most usually fortuitous happenstance - lucky finds that have become some of my most memorable meals - and that without all the sampling of restaurants they would never have been found. 
In my short time chronicling my restaurant adventures (whether writing or taking photographs), I've only been lucky enough to feel like I've stumbled upon something truly special three times and each has been memorable.
The first was Alexander's Steakhouse (Cupertino).  My parents took me soon after it opened …