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For The Love of Steaks

For about the past six years, Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino has been my ALL-TIME favorite restaurant.  As an avid meat lover, it's no surprise that a steakhouse would be on the top of my list and, indeed, Alexander's serves among the best steaks in the country, ranging from certified USDA Prime all the way to A5 Wagyu beef.  Reflective of his Japanese background, Executive Chef Jeffrey Stout has imbibed Alexander's with a unique culinary vision beyond the traditional steakhouse and it's earned him numerous accolades.  In 2010, Alexander's became one of the few steakhouses in the nation (another is the legendary Peter Luger in NYC) to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star.

While top-notch cuisine is an expectation of any favorite restaurant, it actually is the phenomenal service at Alexander's that distinguishes it from the many restaurants that I've been fortunate to have visited.

I recall one of my early dining experiences at Alexander's when …