For The Love of Steaks

For about the past six years, Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino has been my ALL-TIME favorite restaurant.  As an avid meat lover, it's no surprise that a steakhouse would be on the top of my list and, indeed, Alexander's serves among the best steaks in the country, ranging from certified USDA Prime all the way to A5 Wagyu beef.  Reflective of his Japanese background, Executive Chef Jeffrey Stout has imbibed Alexander's with a unique culinary vision beyond the traditional steakhouse and it's earned him numerous accolades.  In 2010, Alexander's became one of the few steakhouses in the nation (another is the legendary Peter Luger in NYC) to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star.

Some of the best steaks in the country
While top-notch cuisine is an expectation of any favorite restaurant, it actually is the phenomenal service at Alexander's that distinguishes it from the many restaurants that I've been fortunate to have visited.

I recall one of my early dining experiences at Alexander's when my brother and I found ourselves without the rest of the family on Christmas Eve.  Our parents had made a last-minute, unexpected trip to Asia and we found ourselves without holiday plans.  Enter Alexander's.  

Despite our youth and a selection of entrees ordered to work with a student's budget, the service we had made us feel as well taken care of as the VIPs that I am sure spent hundreds more than we did.  As a special touch, our server gave us a box of specially baked goods to open on Christmas Day.  

I still remember that warm feeling and Alexander's had earned a loyal customer for life. Both my brother and I have returned numerous times with family, close friends, and significant others to celebrate those special occasions.

When Team Foodspotting asked me to choose a venue to host a Silicon Valley celebration for their 2nd Birthday since their official launch, Alexander's was the first place that came to mind.

Happy 2nd Birthday Foodspotting!
A Foodspotting Eatup at a 5-Star, Michelin-rated restaurant??  How would that ever work?  Was it just a pipe dream and a silly one at that??

It's a testament to the top-notch team at Alexander's Steakhouse that not only did we make it happen but that I'l fondly remember it as one of the best experiences I've had in a long time.

On January 23, 2012 (luckily also the Lunar New Year), Alexander's Steakhouse welcomed Foodspotting and it was a night to remember.

Champagne to toast Foodspotting's 2nd Birthday
Our evening began with champagne to toast Foodspotting's 2nd birthday and moved on to a Happy Hour of delectable appetizers the Chef had hand-picked for our group to showcase the restaurant. Signature hamachi shots, delectable lamb ribs, truffle fries, and 'Angry Birds' were foodspotted and enjoyed by all.

A delectable assortment of Happy Hour Appetizers
Foodspotters "spotting" the great assortment of appetizers

Our lucky group of 10 Foodspotters were then taken on a special behind-the-scenes restaurant tour of Alexander's by Manager Kevin Clark. We met pastry chef Rosiana Tong and then were surprised by a very unexpected 'meat' and greet with Chef Jeffrey Stout himself.  He gave us a wonderful lecture on how to choose the best steaks and even brought many of them on display so we could eagerly "foodspot" the delectable cuts. 

Manager Kevin Clark guiding our restaurant tour
A true sneak peek behind the scenes
'Meat' and Greet with Executive Chef Stout
As our tour concluded, we were brought back to our dining area and greeted by a wonderful dessert spread prepared by Rosiana Tong and sponsored by Foodspotting.  A special birthday cake and extra large cotton candy candle were brought out and everyone was nice enough to let me have the honor of blowing the candles.

A decadent dessert selection by Pastry Chef Rosiana Tong
Foodspotters with the Birthday cake
Blowing out the cotton candy candle!
Great food, drink, and desserts accompanied by a top-notch experience.

As the Foodspotting event concluded, it had been as great a Foodspotting celebration and introduction to Alexander's as I could have hoped.

A small group of us actually decided to stay for dinner and were greeted by one more treat. Not only did we dine on the one signature item missing from the Eatup (USDA Prime steaks), Chef Stout made a custom sharing platter for our Group featuring prime ribeye, filet mignon, NY strip, foie gras, and grilled shrimp. It was the perfect (and decadent) conclusion to a truly memorable night.

Prime Steak Platter
Happy 2nd Birthday Foodspotting and a special thank you to Alexander's Steakhouse, Executive Chef Jeffrey Stout, Pastry Chef Rosiana Tong, Manager Kevin Clark, and Special Events Coordinator Barrie Quan for welcoming Foodspotting and making it a night to remember! Thanks also to all the foodspotters that attended and shared the evening!

Alexander's Steakhouse
10330 North Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA
(408) 446 - 2222


CatalepsicFox said…
You guys had a total VIP treatment from at the Steakhouse. It's an amazing event that is making everybody else jealous! ^_^
Amy Blogs Chow said…
Thanks so much for planning this amazing night for Silicon Valley foodspotters, Randy! What a wonderful eatup and wonderful write-up to remember it by. Thanks again.

P.S. That cotton candy candle is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
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