The Ultimate Steak: My Costco A5 Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Dream

My Costco A5 Wagyu Dream has become reality!

11 lbs, A5 Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye

Thanks to all who joined in to help make this dream a reality! Will be spending the weekend slicing thinly and preparing and hope that I don't mess up my portion of this beautiful cut of beef! I LOVE Costco!

Shipped Fresh, Never Frozen, Overnight from Japan

"Costco has acquired the Kuroge Wagyu beef — also known as Japanese Black — of an A-5 grade, the highest possible ranking within the Japanese scoring system." [The Daily Meal, Dec 14,2014]

Incredible Marbling

"This is the real deal: exceedingly rare Wagyu beef from Japan. More specifically, it is the Kuroge breed of Wagyu and is A-5 grade; literally the top grade of Japanese beef available in the world. There is a limited supply of this extremely rare beef secured exclusively for Costco members!

Sliced Easily

It is legendary stuff: beef marbled beyond belief, intensely satisfying and graded A-5, the highest possible ranking in the strict Japanese scoring system. There is nothing that can touch this beef for flavor and tenderness." []

Sectioned to share with Family and Friends

Eye on the Prize

Being able to sample A5 Wagyu Ribeye has been a dream and was worth all the prep and anticipation.
Here are a few slicing and cooking examples:

Sliced Extra Thinly with Deli-Grade Slicer

1 cm thickness slices

Grilled and Dipped in Ponzu and Shabu Sauce

Thinly Sliced for Hot Pot

Holiday Hot Pot


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