Little Star (Incognito)

One of the great joys for food lovers is discovering new food.  7x7 Magazine's long running The Big Eat San Francisco list of '100 Things to Try Before You Die' has been a great resource in figuring out, annually, some of the latest and greatest things that should be on your try list.  Combined with Foodspotting's excellent Guide, it's a well-watched and handy list for food lovers.

One perennial item that had intrigued me from 7x7 Magazine's first publication was the 'Brass Monkey' at Little Star Pizza.  It debuted at #60 on the list and this past year rocketed up to #33 in a healthier form as the 'Little Star,' essentially a 'Brass Monkey' minus the sausage.

The famous 'Brass Monkey' pizza
So what exactly is a 'Brass Monkey'?  Besides the cool name, it's a deep dish pizza that features spinach blended with ricotta & feta, mushrooms, onion, and garlic.  If you're already drooling, the addition of sausage for meat lovers is the final touch on the fantastic pizza.  Vegetarian lovers can stick with the 'Little Star.'

Little Star has several locations in San Francisco, but what is a Bay Area Peninsula or South Bay food lover to do if going up to SF just for pizza isn't in the cards?  Luckily for us, a friend had told me about a new pizza establishment that had opened up in Campbell and was planning additional openings in Palo Alto and Burlingame.  It's called Blue Line Pizza.

What few knew during the Grand Opening is that Blue Line Pizza is brought to the Bay Area by Little Star and that they were going with a new name, a tribute to the Chicago Blue train line, for their non-SF establishments.  I quickly made a stop to check it out myself.

Researching for an Eatup
Sure enough, it was the real deal and I loved the Brass Monkey pizza.  One of the second favorite things for food lovers is sharing their discoveries and that's where Foodspotting comes in handy as well.  Blue Line looked like the perfect place to hold one of our Foodspotting Eatups, where fellow foodspotters gather and share good food.

I touched base with Blue Line management and they were a blast to work with.  The invite went out and before we knew it, our RSVP list had ballooned past the 30 person limit.  Blue Line made sure to accommodate all our guests and arranged for a super-star line up of all their pizzas, including their version of the 'Little Star' called 'Blue Line,' two more deep dishes and two delicious thin white crust pizzas.

April Foodspotting Eatup
Everyone left full and happy and another great food find had been both discovered and shared.  Thank you Blue Line Pizza for working with us and for allowing me to host an Eatup at your newest South Bay location.  We look forward to your next location and welcome more SF establishments to expand to the Bay Area!

Blue Line Pizza
415 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 378-2800

Randy F. | Foodspotting Ambassador | Twitter


CatalepsicFox said…
Ah, nice! I didn't realize Blue Line was from Little Star. Great blog post!
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